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I have been bringing my morky to the Barking Spa for a long time. My dog always looks great and smells wonderful! They have always been careful and gentle with my dog. I love how my dog looks after a trip to the Barking Spa. - JoAnne Demetrio

How much does Mr. Bailey (our big Golden Retriever) love the Barking Spa in Milltown NJ he can hardly wait to go there. We mention his groomer, Allie and all the other employees who get him in and out of the tub and he knows right away he is going to be loved, groomed and come home being "Mr. Handsome". We can hardly wait to see the decorations outside of the spa. It always has a theme, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July and even Valentine's Day. He sometimes gets to go behind the desk and meets new friends. Mr. Bailey always comes home with a new scarf and dog goodies. So Mr. Bailey wants to know if you will be his Valentine? Arline & Debbie - Arline Chelbian

I have been taking my dogs to the Barking Spa for over nine years, 2 Rotties, 3 Pit Bulls. Would not take them anywhere else. Over the years my Rotties' passed and one of my Pits just recently. Christine and her staff were very compassionate. My dogs were alway well treated. Thank you Christine and staff for always making time for "my girls" and always taking good care of them - John R. Zier

We've been bringing our dog here for 2 years and the place is very nice! The staff are professional and the facility is very clean. My dog, a Japanese Spitz, is usually very cautious of people and even other pets, but is completely okay being here! It is very comforting to know that he is in good hands--he also seems to be really relaxed and calm after visiting. - Britney Wong

Barking spa is a great place especially for puppies and young dogs. We brought our puppy there and they worked with her to give her the best treatment and to get her acquainted to having a bath etc. The people were friendly too! They even give cute bows. The place is clean and the facility has a nice non-clinical feel. We'll be bringing our pup back - Kaitlin Brennan

I've taken my dog to different groomers in the area and the Barking Spa is by far the best one out there! I recommend them to everyone who has a dog! They take such good care of my dog and she comes out smelling amazing! Very friendly staff and always accommodating to my schedule - Diana Slisky

I have been a customer of the Barking Spa in Milltown for 13 years now. I started going with a havanese (similar to a bichon) that in inherited. I tried several different groomers in the area until I finally tried Barking Spa. The first couple of times I brought him he had to be shaved down short to get rid of the matting (caused from the first couple of groomers I went to who didn't groom him properly) but once his hair was under control, he was able to get regular cuts and he always came out looking so handsome! He quickly came to love the groomers at barking spa and he always eagerly walked in to greet his friends there. I now have a yorkie puppy and both my havanese and yorkie were very hyper dogs, but the barking spa managed to handle them for their monthly visits. After some negative experiences with other groomers in the area, I wouldn't trust to go anywhere else - Susan J

My family has been going to Barking Spa for over 10 years now. After I moved out and got my own dogs, I still come back with them. The half hour drive is worth it because I know they are in good hands. Everyone is so friendly and personable, and My family has been going to Barking Spa for over 10 years now. After I moved out and got my own dogs, I still come back with them. The half hour drive is worth it because I know they are in good hands. Everyone is so friendly and personable, and they take good care of my four-legged children.
I have a 10 year old toy eskimo and a 5 year old eskimo-yorkie mix that I adopted from a family who could no longer care for them. They had never been to a groomers so I knew the first visit was going to be a challenge. They worked with my 10 year old who was so scared in a new environment with other dogs and grooming equipment. The first visit lasted several hours because they were taking their time with her because of her fear. I really appreciated their patience with her. After their first experience, we worked with the staff to find appointment times that would be less busy and hopefully less fear-provoking for my dog. Since then the visits have become quicker (1-2 hours for 2 dogs, which I find reasonable), and every time I pick them up they smell and look clean and fresh with their matching handkerchiefs and bows (which are optional - just tell the staff your preference). They also get a little goody-bag filled with treats!
As for the every-day workings of the shop, I find them very professional and their main priority is the safety of the dogs. They are located on a main street with high traffic volume, so they have a bell that you have to ring to enter the store-front. This is to ensure that any dogs that are still out loose are safe before the door is opened. I see that some of the other reviewers complained about the dogs being put in kennels. I personally like that they do this because I don't know if the other dogs that come in are sick or carrying something my dogs can get. My dogs are also very small, and other dogs can be unpredictable around company, so I can understand the use of kennels for the safety of all the dogs that come in.
As for the pricing, I find them competitive. I have both of my dogs hand cut with scissors on top of the usual bathing package, and I haven't seen other places with cheaper prices and the same quality service.
I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new groomer, and I wouldn't think about going anywhere else with my dogs. -
Melissa J..

I love the folks at the Barking Spa. They take very good care of my dog when I bring her there. She is always happy and looks beautiful.  I would highly recommend using the barking Spa for your dogs. - Barbara Camins

Amazing grooming service, the staff is wonderful and friendly,I would never take my dogs anywhere else, love the blow out and scissor cut. And the treats for dogs at the end and the right touch to end a perfect service. Would 100% recommend - Jennifer Litwinski

Always a pleasant experience for our 3 dogs :)- Dawn Bennett

I'm not going to get too wordy on this one, but I like it here. It's dead center between my house and my new job so it's convenient. Aside from that my now wife has been bringing her/our dog here since before we were dating (9 Years).

I will say they do not have the biggest cages available as the place is incredibly small, but the dogs aren't stuffed in and barely fit either. Essentially there is enough head room and wiggle space for your dog to be able to spin around a couple of times when you walk in the door.

Last time I brought in Layla(our Cocker Spaniel) I dropped her off at 11 got a phone call at 2 and picked her up at 2:30 freshly cut and washed and dry.
I do have to disclaimer that when my dogs hair gets long she's a messy puppy (She stands at your feet in the kitchen so tends to get a little more food in her hair then most) So we shave her all the way down and don't get a "Cocker cut".
What I'm saying is I have no clue how they do when it comes to "Styles", but for what I need....I'm a fan.

We Will Return - Christian C. Milltown