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 Please Read Our Policies:
"The Rules"


Quality is Time! We regret that we cannot accommodate specific grooming times.


Prices subject to change without notice

You will be called when pet is ready for pickup. Our time frame per pet is 2-5 hours, 5 hours being the maximum amount of time allowed for grooming. Pets left here longer than 1 hour over the maximum allowed time without prior authorization will be charged an additional $10 per hour daycare fee.

Pets must be up to date on shots and provide proof of vaccinations.

Cancellation Policy: A 24 hour cancellation notice is required.

Difficult Animals: Although we groom hard to handle pets, we reserve the right to refuse grooming of animals we consider dangerous to our safety.

Fleas: If we are not notified when you come in that your dog has fleas we will not be able to properly handle the situation. You will be charged a fee for flea bombs to be set off inside the store along with store cleaning. The fees incurred will be: flea bombs: $10/store cleaning: $46.00 a total of $56.00 on top of the fee for the flea bath which is $10-$25 extra depending on the size and infestation of the dog.

So please let us know if your dog is scratching and if they have fleas. We care about other clients that come in without fleas and so should you.