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lab in hydro tub

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A state of the art development in professional bathing for animals. This unique system produces a combining action spray of shampoo and conditioner with water through a hand held massage sprayer.

The gentle bathing solution penetrates through the coat for a
thorough cleaning and relaxing massage while removing loose
hair, dead skin, fleas and dander for the healthiest skin possible.
Pets love the massage-like treatment.

Hydro Surge Bathing is also an effective treatment for dry, itching
and irritated skin. Board certified veterinary dermatologists use this system to treat many common skin ailments. It gently removes
areas of dead skin, increases blood circulation to localized areas
and aids in follicular flushing. Regularly scheduled Hydro Surge
Therapeutic Baths are recommended for common skin problems
and your pet will notice a tremendous difference.

The Hydro Surge Therapy is a complimentary feature included
in all our spa packages. We believe every pet should have this spa experience during their day of pampering.


Natural Air Volume Drying (NAVD) or Blowout is the safest and most efficient way to dry pets. It not only makes a groomer's job easier, but is a safe, healthy alternative to traditional heat drying methods. NAVD delivers a high volume, room temperature air to speed water evaporation. The blast of ambient air lifts and separates a dog's coat, resulting in fast drying times, fluffy coats and happy pets.


De-tangling, also know as de matting the fur on your pooch, is an appropriate and necessary step to grooming your pet. Groomers must be able to put a small-tooth comb through the animal's fur from head to tail before it is put into the bathtub. Failure to do so prohibits the complete drying process and creates tighter, thick tangled masses of fur which ultimately create a danger to the animal during the clipping process. The clipper guard can easily slip off the blade and may result in a nasty cut to the dog. We will not bathe a dog without going through this complete combing process for it's own good. An extra fee is charged for de matting because it is time consuming and a potentially hazardous activity for the dog and groomer.